Moomin Watching body suit, blue

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Moomin Keeping Watch body suit, blue

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Cheerful and colorful body for your little ones. From the design you can find the beloved Moomin characters like Snufkin, Moomintroll and Police Inspector. The name of the design is "Vahtivuoro" (transl: Keeping watch)

Soft organic cotton and comfy body suit that allows your little one to focus on playing and enjoying life.

  • Long sleeves
  • White snaps on the shoulders with a black Moomin by martinex -text
  • A faux leather Moomin-label on the sleeve
  • Three snaps in the crotch area
  • The folds of the backsides lower part's sides ensures more room for a diaper and makes the body suit more comfortable
  • Stretchy rib-edge on the neckline and the lower part makes dressing up easier 
  • Material: 95% organic cotton 5% elastane

Manufacturer: Martinex

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