Kapelhoppy elf door set, 9-parts, red

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Kapelhoppy door for elves and fairies set, 9-parts, red

Gorgeous elf door that makes your imagination run wild. Will an elf peek from behind the door?


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A set with multiple parts that let you build the elf door of your dreams. A beautiful Christmas wreath is adorning the door and the door can be opened. Will an elf peek through the door soon? This lovely set lets everyone's imagination run wild. Bring a little piece of the Santa's land into your own home.

The set includes 9 parts: an opening door, a door wreath, a mailbox, a ladder, a sleigh, a door mat, a key, elf dust and a footprint template. White box with a colour sticker.

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  • Material: Wood
  • Size of the package:  21x3,5x17cm

Manufacturer: Kapelhobby

Categories:  Christmas

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