HuiGee Muumi Combo adults' ribbon scarf/band, Whomper

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HuiGee Muumi Combo adults' ribbon scarf/band, Homssu

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Moomin Combo scarf/headband has three products in one! With the Moomin-pattern headband you'll get two ribbons, one with Moomin-desing and one black. You can use only the band or slip the ribbon inside the band whenever you feel like it.

• Made in Finland and the product has been awarded with a Key Flag -symbol that is a sign of domestic work
• Material: 95% organic cotton / 5% elastane
• Size: One size, by stretching the circumference of the headband is 50cm but it stretches well. The height of the band is 10cm.

• The size is suitable for an adult or a bigger child
• All the parts can be washed in 40°C degrees. Use the detergent for colorful clothing and do not use fabric softener
• Check here to see all children's and adults' HuiGee's Combo -ribbon headbands and get yourself more than one to mix and match them as you please!

Manufacturer: HuiGee

Categories: Scarves

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