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The Moomins were created by Tove Jansson. She got inspired from life around her, friends and family members. Someone was full of love and joy and another was a little bit grumpy and loved solitude. All pure and beautiful such as they were. One could say that in the beginning the stories were written more for adults. Later they became children's favourites as well. Tove had an extraordinary skill to present everything in a positive way, she showed that life is beautiful as it is and we should enjoy it! With her stories Tove created a life philosophy. store was founded on love for Moomins. Behind the store were two enthusiastic collectors of Moomin products and at first the selection of our store consisted mostly of Moomin products. We wanted to offer products that are hard to find in basic stores to other Moomin fans.
You can find in our store lovely Moomin mugs and Moomin dishes, beautiful Moomin posters which you can use to make lovely framed Moomin posters for your home or as a gift. Moomins also catch the attention in the streets and you can find within our store gorgeous and high-quality Moomin bags and wallets. There's also hundreds delightful Moomin products to find for your home, for vacation, and as gift for your best friend.
When we opened our store we had 60-70 Moomin themed products in our product range and nowadays there are over 600 of them. We strive to constantly look for new lovely Moomin products and if you have a wish for some product inform us about it and we will try to fulfill it.
These days serves both as a store for a Moomin fan and also for example a Volkswagen fan. You will also find lovely bags and wallets, home decor products, present ideas, you name it.
We are proud of our store and of handling such lovely products every day. Your satisfaction is important to us!
Check out all the Moomin products  and be delighted!
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